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FOXTROT-2  K9 Vest



This VEST Ultra Light - Comes with Super Strong AeroSapce Aluminum Hardware!

Strength Rated for 4,750Lbs
It is the Strongest and lightest Harness in its class.


Best Suited for K9 Patrol , Dog Sports and SAR



One Lateral Handle (from shoulder to shoulder), with a Lightweight soft Handle ( with a Velcro stay to hold it down when not needed)

One Removable Handle (down the spine) - included

- Removable handle can be reconfigured to a multi-purpose Traffic Handle
- Built in Slot Molle System for your accessories, such as a GoPro Camera


5x Points of Adjustment for the Perfect Fit!
4x Embroidered ID Patches are included!
Ultra Breathable for Hot Climates  (Tested in Miami at 95'F at high humidity)

K9 is able to move freely and swim with it also, without fatigue!
(Side note: Video added to pics, is of K9 Kahuna from Avisa K9. Kuhuna was worked for 45 mins in 95'F and then played in the pool for 30 mins after. He showed not signs of fatigue during the testing. Thank you to Avisa K9 for allowing us to Test the harness at your training Facility. CrazyTuff K9 Gear is not affiliated with Avisa K9)


Optional Extras:



Leg Straps for Aerial insertion or recovery (great for Rapelling)

Leg Straps for Aerial insertion or recovery (great for Rapelling)

(Rappelling with this Vest only recommended for short torso dogs. If you have a long torso dog, you will need more belly and back support. Please Use a n ECHO Vest or DELTA Harness.)



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