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ECHO-6  K9 Vest with Cobra Buckles



The ultimate Easy on Easy off Vest. Perfect for dogs with larger heads.
The 6x Buckles make it completely modular, allowing you to interchange belly options (Stab resistent bellies are something we are curently working on.)

All our Vests are tested and rated for Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Agitation, Bite, Rappelling, Aerial insertion, and Search and Rescue work!


This Vest is not only Ultra-Breathable, but it is Super strong.

We have come up with a way that allows the vest to breathe and keep your K9 Cool in the middle of summer, but is also able to carry a full load of gear, by attaching to the Reinforced Velcro Molle Rigged system.


The Vest allows for Full range of motion, by not restricting the K9's shoulder movement, like most Vest on the market today. This is evident in our Patented "V" shape Padded chest plate design.


The Vest has 6 buckles to distribute weight evenly, so that it does not ride sideways while the K9 is running, thus not distracting it from the task at hand.



This Vest features SEVEN (7) adjustment points for the perfect fit!




The ECHO comes Standard with a Mesh Belly Plate, that allows the K9 to Breathe freely and keep cool while working in the hot sun. 



  • 6x AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles rated for 22kN each.
  • Fully Breathable and Lightweight Mesh Belly
  • All Aerospace Aluminum Adjuster Hardware (super strong and long lasting alloy used to build aeroplanes and Space-X rockets)
  • Custom Handle Orientation


Optional Extras: (not included in purchase)


Swiss Seat - aka leg straps for lifting

Shoulder straps ( for the handler )- Carrying the K9  like a Backpack or messenger bag




ECHO-6 K9 Vest with Cobra Buckles

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