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1" Intermediate 2-Point Harness for Small or Skinny Breeds


(Please read the full description first)


Perfect for skinny and small framed dogs.

(Small framed dogs such as Small sized Border Collies.)


This is the perfect harness for Skinny or small framed dogs, that needs the Apron for ID Patches, but are too small for a Full Sized 2-Point K9 Patrol Harness.

It gives the handler/owner the ability to add up to 6 ID Patches.


(Please note this harness comes with 2x ID Patches. If you would like extra ID Patches, please see our Handler gear and Accessories page for additional ID Patches)

You have the option to choose from a Sewn-on ID Arpon or Removable ID Apron.
This allows you to remove the apron while dong certain training exercises and re-install it when you go into public, to "identify the dog" ( DO NOT PET, or WORKING, or STAY BACK etc.)


This harness is made with 1" webbing, buckles, and strength rated Metal Adjusters. (adjuster are used to adjust the neck, girth and front of chest areas larger and smaller).
It has a 7.5"x10" sized ID Apron.


How to Measure:
Please take a fabric tape measure and wrap it all the way around the lowest part of your dogs neck. Pull it a little tighter. This number that you get will be the minimum size on the dog's neck measurement. Ther will be adjustment to allow the pup to grow.
Now, take the Fabric tape measure the widest part of the pup's chest, the girth. this should be about a finger to two fingers behind the elbows. Again, wrap the tape ALL the way around the chest.

We will use the mausrement  you take and build you the perfect fit harness, that your pup will be able to grow into. (we will do the hard math and thinking for you, so only give us the nearest lower number on the measuring tape.)


Intermediate 2-Point Harness

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