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Prong Collar Concealment Collar - the ID Patch is Sewn ON, not removable 


1.75" wide


This collar does not include any Links! It requires you to install your OWN links. ( this collar is designed to be used with Genuine Herm Sprenger links 2.25mm or 3mm only - It will not work with other brands of Prong collars)



The only Prong collar that can also adjust like a normal collar.

It features an easy glide cinch tab, and and adjustment section.



This collar is designed to be a Training aide and not to be left on the dog's neck. Remove it after every Training session. Leaving this collar on your dog when not in use, constitutes animal cruelty and negligence in the eye of the law.


How to Measure for the Collar:

Measure just below the dog's jaw (all the way around like a belt)

Snug, do not use the two finger rule.


How to choose colors:

The collar has two parts a 1" webbing/strap and a 1.75" wide webbing/strap


The Background of the ID Patch will be the same color as the 1.75" wide webbing. Please take that into consideration when choosing a lettering color.



Something to keep in mind: ( note from the Owner)

The smaller the neck, the smaller the space for a patch becomes. This means, if your dog has a 14" neck, the space for a patch will only be 3 inches. The rest is taken up by the Cinch tab and the adjustment section. Therefore, logically, the larger the neck = the larger the patch... The smaller the neck = the shorter the patch. Please keep this in mind when deciding on an ID Patch - Keep it short, and it will look Fantastic!

Prong Collar Concealment Collar - No Links included

Impuesto excluido |
  • We do not condone the misuse or abuse of animals. This collar is not intended to inflict pain or harm to your dog. Please consult with a LICENSED dog trainer and get at least one lesson on how to use this collar, before purchasing it. Responsible pet ownership is YOUR Responsibility! Please check to see if these collars are legal in your state, before purchasing!!

  • It is YOUR responsibility to check if these collar are legal in your state!

    Please check BEFORE you purchase this collar!!

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