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1.75" Soft Collar - Single Layer of Webbing with a Velcro Wrap


This collar is made with a single layer of Type 13 Webbing  (Webbing refers to the strap it is made from). It Has a Velcro Wrap that has a Laser Cut section for Accessories such as a Badge ID or a Light etc.



1x ISC Buckle rated for 4,000 Lbs

1x Metal adjuster rated for 4,000 Lbs

1x V-Ring - Strength rated to 4,000Lbs

( ISC Buckles do not come undone unless you firmly depress BOTH buttons at the same time )

1x Velcro Wrap with a Laser Molle rigging system, for Badge ID or a Clip on Light for Night searches. (The possibilities are limited to your imagination)



We need your dog's exact neck measurement - This is Taken just below the Jaw and Ears, around the neck like a belt. TIGHT! 

Please use a Fabric Tape measure or a piece of string. Wrap the tape/or string around the top (high neck) of your dogs neck, this is the area just below the ear and jaw. Wrap it tight. be sure not to leave any spaces.
This will give us the absolute minimum size of the dogs collar.


(Please do not measure your dog's existing collar, this is not accurate. We will do the math for you, so we really DO need the exact measurement. )


Soft Collar - 1.75" Wide w. Velcro Wrap

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