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1.5" Biothane Collar


This version of a Biothane collar, is a two layer design. the inner 1.5" portion with and outer portion that is 1" wide. Similar to our 2" rigid collar design, the the inner will wrap around the dog's neck and then clip in the buckle. (you will need to adjust the buckle to perfectly fit you dog's neck first.)


Yes, we do give you ample adjustment space, yes, you do get a Free ID Patch with this collar

How to Measure:
Wrap a soft Fabric tape measure around the highest possible area on your dogs neck... DO NOT LEAVE ANY SPACE!!!!!   pull it tight. If the number is for example 14.75" then use 14" if it is 15.25"... use 15", Always use the lower number.
Wrap the tape all the way AROUND the dog's neck, not halfway. If you make a mistake during the measuring process... we cannot fix it... You will need to buy a new one.

1.5" Biothane Collar

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