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Titan mask for embroidery

How we started


Titan Ultra Started out as CrazyTuff K9 Gear, building its reputation for having the strongest K9 Equipment on the market, while also providing the best value for your purchase. As we grew through the years, we learnt a LOT from our Partners and clients in Law Enforcement, Military, Private security, as well as regular pet owners who simply needed something BETTER, than what was available out there.

We took the lessons that we have learnt from CrazyTuff, and built something new, something Stronger, we built a Titan. But not merely a Titan, we built something beyond... Titan Ultra.

Titan mask for embroidery

Why Titan Ultra?

We are set apart from other manufactures  because of the following:
When you order an Item, we actually MAKE your item as you order it. We do not have a store room or large warehouse filled to the gills with old stock.
We physically make everything ourselves in house. We do not outsource to other companies or countries. (With the exception of ballistic Panels. These need to be certified and insured, thus made by a Licensed Ballistic Armor Manufacturer)
We are after 5 years, still a "Mom and Pop" operation. Not only are we "made in the USA", but we are still a "Small Business", that can serve the needs of all we serve, in the US, Canada, and the International community.


- Military K9 - Police K9 - Special Forces - Tactical K9 - Working K9

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