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Titan Ultra K9 FAQ

How Do I measure my dog's Neck?


We Measure our Dogs a little different to others. We ask that you follow these guidelines to the letter.
First Grab a Fabric Measuring tape (available at the Dollar store or Walmart).
Wrap the tape measure around the dogs neck at the thinnest part. This is High up on the neck, TIGHT to the skin. This means just below the jaw and behind the ears. DO NOT add two fingers or add a little for comfort.

Can I measure around the outside of my dog's existing collar?

No, This will definitely give you a wrong measurement. We measure our collars on the INSIDE. This ensures that our collars are the EXACT size your dog NEEDS.

How do I measure my dog for a Harness or Vest?

Well, each Harness and vest will have a specific Measurement chart contained within the picture section of that specific Harness or vest. Please follow the guidelines to get the best fitting harness or vest for your dog.

I shipped my order to my old address or an outdated address, can you help?

Unfortunately we cannot help you if you used an incorrect address. Please ensure that your address is current on all of your payment methods, since Paypal, AfterPay, ApplePay etc.  BEFORE placing your order.

I made a mistake during ordering can you correct it?

We can gladly make any corrections to your order, until the time of shipping. Once your item is marked as "fulfilled" or "shipped", then it is too late, and a new Item will need to be ordered.

If We Cannot Reach you at the number or email that you have provided within 36 hours of placing your order. You order will be cancelled and refunded.

If there is an issue or challenge with your order, we need to contact you. If you do not reply in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the funds to the original payment method. Funds usually take 3-5 business days to return to your account.

Titan Ultra K9 FAQ

What if I do not have access to a fabric tape measure?

Well, if you cannot get one from your local Dollar store or Walmart, we suggest using a piece of rope. Mark the two ends out on a piece of paper and measure that with a construction tape measure, or ruler. DO NOT wrap a construction tape around your dog's neck. It will NOT be accurate.

I bought a collar from somewhere else, they said my dog's neck is a Large...

We  do not conform to other companies or use their method of measurements. We tailor each piece to YOUR dog, not some random dog that belonged to someone else.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, Yes we do. But please be very aware that the you will liable for any import duties if any on your end. Import Duties are calculated and charged by your country's Customs and import departments.

Do you ship to Military Bases Abroad?

Yes Absolutely! Shipping to all American Armed Forces abroad, is considered a local shipment, and is Free via Diplomatic Priority Mail to your APO address.
Please ensure that you use the correct address!

Can you make alterations to my vest or harness after I have owned it for a while?

We Absolutely can make alterations to your harness, vest or collars. We do not mind at all!
We have only One set of stipulations that we ask of you.
WASH the item first. Put the item inside a delicates bag (if possible) add it to your wash with a few towels. Run a regular cycle as you normally would. After, hang the item out to thoroughly dry before packaging it for shipping. We ask this because the shipping carriers have dogs that search packages... and they ALWAYS flag the dirty dog gear... so it is really important that you follow this to the letter!!
Then take the item you wish to alter to the UPS store and ask the kind person to print TWO labels. One of them would be a return shipping label. Yes, we ask that you pay for shipping in both directions.
We will make the alterations you need and ship it back using the return label you sent along with the kit. If you do NOT include a label, we will send you an invoice for shipping charges. (This will be slightly more expensive than simply asking the UPS person to print one for you.)
Normally we do not change for Alterations, but it Does depend on the request.

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