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1" Rigid Collar


Made from 1" Tubular weave Resin treated Nylon Webbing, rated for 3,800Lbs.

With a layer of 1" Mil-w-17337 webbing over top for comfort and style, that also adds another 2,200 Lbs of strength to the collar.

It comes with an ISC 1" Buckle, which is rated for 4,800Lbs.
The Boiled Black Stainless Steel D-ring adds a nice touch, and is rated for 800Lbs. It will not scratch off and will not rust.
We believe this collar will be the Strongest 1" collar you have ever owned, definitely suited for any purpose you can throw at it.


This collar is Velcro Adjustable - The adjustment section of this collar is on the INSIDE of the collar, so that there is no possibility of the collar popping off while working. When the Dog pulls, the velcro grips harder.


We designed this collar for detection work, but it is also very well suited for those that need a good "out" collar. Professionals in the K9 field will know that being able to "out" the dog sometimes takes some doing, especially in a hightened state, and this collar will be a great help in that specific area.




1" Rigid Collar - with ISC Buckle

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