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Titan Black Ops Collar


Scroll down for Measurement instructions!


Jam Packed with hidden features!

  • Laser cut Molle rigging that allows you to attach  Lights, Comms etc.
  • A Silent D-ring, reinforced with Kevlar for abrasion resistence and strength.
  • An Elastic stay to hold down the D-ring when not in use.
  • A Hidden pocket on the inside of the collar that allows you to insert an Air Tag tracker or similar sized device. It can also house a Dog tag or ID Papers.


And the collar would not be complete, without the patriotic Subdued Flag embroidered right into the collar!


Did we forget to mention that this collar Velcro Adjustable? It adjusts on the INSIDE of the collar, to ensure that the velcro can never come apart while being pulled on during work or agitation work.

This Collar is the perfect addition to the Black Ops Range!


How to Measure:
Wrap a fabric measuring tape arond the very top of your dogs neck (High Neck). This is the smallest part of the neck - smaller than the head, so the collar can;t slip over the head...

Make sure the measurement is TIGHT!!! No two fingers. We need exact!


Then, tell us how old your dog is. 

If your dog is under 18 months, then the number you give us, will be the absolute minimum size of the collar.
If your dog is fully grown, then the number you give us will be in the center of the range, allowing you to size up or down, depending on seasonal weight gain or loss.

We will do all the heave thinking for you. Simply give us the neck measurement and we will take care of the rest!


Titan Black Ops Collar

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