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Titan Ultra Strong K9 Reward toy


This Ribbed reward toy has been tested in THREE Law Enforcement Training Facilities.

The rubber is virtually indestructible! 


We left 50 Rubber ball with some of the toughest super chewers  in three different training facilities and they could not destroy it. So we know you will love this reward toy!


The rope is made from Marine Polypropylene and is 1/2" Thick. This rope can be romoved and replace if needed.





This is a Reward toy... Not a Crate Toy! And should not be left with the K9 over night or unsupervised. Although the rubber is virtually indestuctible, the rope is not... And can cause a Bowel obstruction. Titan Ultra, it's ownership, management and emplyees cannot be held Liable for negligent pet ownership. Responsible Pet Ownership is your responsibility! If the toy starts to show signs of wear, please remove it, repair or replace it. We have done our due diligence by informing you of the hazards. How you choose to use this Training Reward is your responsibility!


Ultra Strong K9 Reward Toy

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