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 E-Collar Concealment Collar , Back by Popular demand!

This collar is 1.75" wide to hide the unit inside. (Single Ply Type-13 Webbing)

Will work with ALMOST any unit, provided it sits inside the straps like Dogtra or E-Collar Technologies. ( does not work with cheap Amazon Collars or invisible fence shock collars, that are inserted THROUGH the webbing/strap, or are cheap knock-off brands. Our collar also does not work with any PetSafe collars or wireless fence or bark control collars.)


Single Color Collar is a single layer of Type-13 Webbing. A Bi-color Collar, is a Layer of Mil-W-17337 webbing on top of Type-13 (XIII) Webbing.



PLEASE NOTE! This collar will NOT work with a GPS unit ( for example Garmin units). This collar is designed for E-collar units only.


So, Whats new?

We changed how the unit anchors after you feed the strap through it. The Adjuster/anchor is now adjustable... Yup, Adjustable! You can now reposition the anchor to fit your unit! 
This means - That if you have multiple units or if you are getting a new unit, you do not need to buy a whole new collar for it.
A dream for Trainers and someone who is looking to change their unit in time.


How to Measure your dog's neck:
Wrap a soft Tape Measure or string around your dog's Neck directly below the JAW and EARS. If the measurement is between two numbers, use the smaller number.

If your dog's neck size is NOT listed, it means we DO NOT make it that Size.


CrazyTuff K9 Gear does not recommend using E-Collars on Young puppies. Please consult a Licensed Dog trainer before using one on your dog. An E-Collar, IF used INCORRECTLY can be very dangerous to your dog. If used Correctly, can be the most effective tool in the toolbox. Please consult a trainer first!

Two Strap width options: 1" and 3/4" - MAKE SURE YOU GIVE US THE CORRECT WIDTH! We will not accept returns or exchanges if YOU made an error on this!


Please note: CrazyTuff K9 Gear LLC cannot and will not be held responsible for how you use Your equipment. We make and sell this collar in good faith, believing that you know how, and are trained on proper use of your e-collar unit. This is NOT a Punishment tool, and NOT to be used on pups, without the authorization and guidance of a Professional Dog Trainer. CrazyTuff K9 Gear LLC does not condone any animal abuse!

E-Collar Concealment Collar

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