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1.75" Tactical Collar (Sewn-on ID Patch)


Please note the design of this collar changed.

Strength rating of this collar is set at 8,000Lbs.


This collar CAN Hoist a Jeep off the Ground, it is That strong! (video evidence to prove it)


  • This collar features Sewn-On ID Patches
  • Two Layers of webbing for extra strength

(1x layer of Type 13 condition R, 1-23/32" wide, and 1x layer of type Mil-W-17337 webbing, 1.5" wide)

  • an ISC Buckle that will NOT come loose while working the dog. (must fully depress both buttons to get it off)



How to Order:
-Choose the Inner Color of the collar, that is the 1.75" wide webbing.

Choose the Outer Color of the collar, that is the 1.5" wide webbing

-Choose a Text color - NOTE: the collar color is NOT the same and the text color.

How to Measure your dog's Neck for a Collar
Take a fabric Measuring tape, wrap it around the very top of your dog's neck.
TIGHT. Do NOT leave any spaces or "two finger gap".
this is the High Neck. This measurement will be the minimum size on your collar.
We also ask you how old your dog is.


This is important. "Under 18 months" and the smallest size will be the number you give us.  "Over 18months" or "Fully Grown", means that we will give you some room to make the collar a tiny bit smaller for seasonal shrinkage.


Tactical Dog Collar 1.75" w. SEWN-ON ID Patch

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