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Titan Puppy Starter or Small Dog Harness


All our Harnesses are tested and rated for Agitation and bite work!




NOTE: if your Dog's measurements are larger than the max in this listing then you need an Adult Harness


Essential for Pups or Smaller Breed dogs. The Perfect Entry into Bitework Agitation and General K-9 Exercises.

This harness simulated the Larger harness that your Pup will graduate to one day. 



Can accommodate dogs from 9 weeks up to 8 months on average - Based on GSD and Belgian Malinois. (Please Note: if your Pup is older than 7 months, it will be big enough to fit into its adult harness and should not be able to outgrow it. If you are going to do PSA with your pup, do not purchase a puppy harness if your dog is 7 months old, get an adult harness.)


PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for measurement instructions

Used for:

PSA  IGP, IPO Puppy Training
Schutzhund Puppy Training
French Ring Puppy Training
Tracking Puppy Training
Obedience and Bite Work Puppy Training



  • 1x Custom Embroidered Handle Cover
  • 2x 6"x1" Removable ID Patches/panels on Neck/shoulders


  • 2x Quick Release Metal Buckles ( 7KN Rated each )
  • 5x Metal Adjusters
  • 2x Metal D-Rings
  • 1x No Snag Tracking Clip-in (hidden loop to clip on a leash) on the Belly Strap

1x Handle
1" MilSpec Webbing ( 4,000 Lbs rated )
Ballistic 1,680 denier Nylon On Chest Plate and Handle



How to Measure:

( you will take the measurements, like you would measure your own belt, all the way around)

SEE DIAGRAM in the Pictures Section aslo!


  • Please measure your dog's Neck ( we will use measurement as our starting point, giving you room to grow )
  • Please Measure your dog's Girth ( The widest part of the chest )

Titan Puppy Harness -

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