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Two-Clip Lead  - 80" total length

The Two-Clip Lead is made using 2 layers Mil-Spec Webbing. One Layer of 1" webbing, and one Layer of Mil-w 17337 1" webbing to create a Utra Strong, tactical Lead for Military (MWD), Police ( LEO), Security, Personal Protection, and Schutzhund (IPO) Working Dogs. This Lead includes a "close-control" Traffic handle to help keep the dog at your side, but can be neatly Stowed way using an integrated elastic loop when not in use. It also Feature a Bolt Snap at the End that enables you to either tether to your Duty Belt, or Back Tie, or to the Floating O-Ring , for a Second Handle or Body Lead.
The Body Lead function could be wraped around your waist or draped over your shoulder.


This Lead comes with your choice of snap/clip/clasp/attachment point:

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bolt snap                -  350   Lbs Rated
  • Swivel Carabiner (lightweight!) - 700 Lbs Rated
  • Kong Frog Snap with Swivel (Premium item) - 5,000 Lbs Rated
  • Delta Frog Snap with Swivel (Low Cost Premium) - 4,000 Lbs Rated
  • Mini Delta Frog Snap with Built in swivel (Low Cost Premium) - 600 Lbs Rated (see Picture for example)


Free Embroidery as always! Personalize your Lead



Two-Clip Lead

PriceFrom $42.00
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